1 hr 30 mins
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Technology versus culture - you've got the software, now what?

*This event is hosted at the Tectonica pavilion.

Organised by Tectonica

Technology is everywhere. Used to facilitate everything from our food, to our travel, to our health, to politics. But it's not as simple as buying a piece of software and being done with it. Technology needs to be applied with humans in mind, and specific cultures in mind - otherwise you can spend thousands but your campaign will never take off the ground. Tectonica has worked on projects all over the world using technology such as NationBuilder and have some best practices about the anthropology of technology and digital organising they want to share with you. We want to teach you how to use these tools in the most effective way! Join us for a knowledge-sharing session to brush up on the latest developments in digital organising.


Sara Boutall

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