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Where to from here? Redesigning Democracy

*This event is hosted at the Democratic Society pavilion.

Organised by the Democratic Society

After three whole days of talking about democracy, we want to wrap up by looking back at what has been discussed, and forward, to what should happen next. How can we use the conversations, ideas and actions that have come out of DEMOCRACY ALIVE – and other places – to inform democratic innovation in Europe and beyond? What needs to change? What needs to improve? And where do we need to start from scratch?

This will be an interactive session, where attendees get a chance to ‘think out loud’ about what they have learnt during the festival, and how they want to use that knowledge when they get home. We will also be encouraging participants to think wider-scale too and to examine and address some of the problems facing democracy across Europe and internationally – using the workshop to collaboratively come up with solutions.

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