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Reclaim Europe… but how?! An exploration of several scenarios

*This event is hosted at the Democratise Europe pavilion.

Organised by Europese Beweging Nederland (European Movement in the Netherlands)

Many people wish to revisit, reform or reclaim Europe, in new forms of democracy, which are more inclusive and engaging and which address the big challenges of today.

Under the umbrella of Reclaim Europe*, the European Movement in The Netherlands (EBN) has organised events in the past and at Democracy Alive will organise a crucial conversation about the 'how' of Europe's necessary transformations.

For while thousands of new initiatives are bubbling up everywhere, the old order also still holds its ground. Many creative initiatives die a silent death, and in some places it looks like we are moving backwards, not ahead. How can we create a really different Europe and make positive changes stick?

We will discuss this with speakers who represent 3 scenarios to Reclaim Europe: a) Ignoring the old order and just do your own thing; b) Working within existing structures and try to make it better; c) Fighting the old order, actively and creatively.
What are their strategies and underlying ideas? And which is the most effective way to transform our current Europe?

(*Reclaim Europe is an ad-hoc movement of people who are not afraid to shape the future of Europe, who are not waiting until others decide for them. Reclaim Europe gathers people, who understand euroscepticismand disappointment, but who do not succumb to paralysis. It attracts people who think Europe should be about democracy and peace, about courage, collaboration and creativity, and not about 'everybody for themselves'.)"

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