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NOVI SAD - European Youth Capital 2019

*This event is hosted at the Assembly of European Regions (AER) pavilion.

Organised by AER

Novi Sad is the 2019 European Youth Capital - THE place to be for young Europeans this year. This is a very special recognition awarded by the European Youth Forum to Europe’s most youth-friendly cities. Come along to the AER pavilion to meet the team behind the successful European Youth Capital campaign, OPENS, and to learn more about what’s going on in Novi Sad, how you can get involved in the EYC2019 or how you can start your own campaign to make your home town a European Youth Capital in the future.

This year, the AER Summer Academy will take place in Novi Sad, in cooperation with our member region Vojvodina, to mark the European Youth Capital. During this info session and workshop you can find out more about the AER Summer Academy and how you can get involved!

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