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Fragile Democracy: Perspectives From JFK and Churchill

*This event is hosted at the European Movement International (EMI) pavilion.

Organised by Democracy in Europe - RUG Students 

We are a group of five historian students from the University of Groningen and we have organised the debate Fragile Democracy: Perspectives from JFK and Churchill, featuring two very interesting speakers: Alex Krijger (Krijger & Partners) and Felix Klos (candidate MEP)!

Krijger and Klos will both give a short presentation about lessons learned in democracy and Europe from the perspectives of two famous former presidents, Kennedy and Churchill. Their presentations will be followed by an open debate, led by Krijger and Klos discussing primarily "Why is it crucial to renew and reinforce the European democracy and how can we realise this?” The public is free to proclaim their vision as well.

Krijger is founder of Krijger & Partners, a consultancy located in The Hague. His firm specializes in government affairs, geopolitical risks and issue consultancy with the aim to protect critical business value. They provide scenario-based mitigation plans for political risks and opportunities which are crucial part of any comprehensive business risk strategy. Moreover, Krijger graduated in History and International Relations at Leiden University and has an expertise in the history of the USA. He wrote a book about the life of former US president John F. Kennedy, to explain the concept of a fragile democracy from the ideas of JFK.

Felix Klos, who is candidate as member for the European Parliament. He works as Speechwriter and Press Secretary at his political party D66 (part of the ALDE on European level) in the Netherlands. Klos graduated in Political Sciences and History at the University of Oxford and has an expertise in European integration. He wrote two books about former UK prime-minister Winston Churchill in his view on Europe.

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Alex Krijger, founder, Krijger & Partners Government Affairs 

Felix Klos, historian and political scientist 

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