DEMOCRACY ALIVE will take place on the beautiful Dutch island of Texel.

DEMOCRACY ALIVE will take place on Groeneplaats, in the centre of Den Burg.

We have specifically chosen this location to distance ourselves from the usual Brussels bubble and bring people together in a non-traditional setting. Easy to reach, the island has all the elements needed for a successful event including substantial local experience with large events, a wide range of accommodation options, and a dedicated local community that is excited to welcome us all to their home.

Texel also offers extensive beaches, varied nature areas, picturesque villages, great restaurants and many cafes.

For more information on Texel, travel, accommodation, restaurants and lots more, just visit their website!

Click here for more details about the island and logistics from DEMOCRACY ALIVE.

Discover the beautiful island of Texel!
The TESO ferry departs from Den Helder hourly.
The ferry takes about 20 minutes and has a canteen and plenty of space for guests.
Stay a while on Texel and make your way to the beach!
After a day full of activities and events at DEMOCRACY ALIVE over 30km of sandy beach will await for you in Texel.
A unique scenery surrounds Den Burg. Texel has around 40 nature reserves, 5.3000ha you can explore.
You'll find almost every Dutch landscape on Texel: dunes, woods, heathland, polders, beach, hills...
There are plenty of ways to enjoy the outdoors and explore Texel, like renting a bike!
There are more sheep on Texel than there are humans!
Get to know the best local products in Texel restaurants: Texel lamb, fresh aspargus, Texel beer and the best sheep's cheeses and local bitters!
No reason to be bored on Texel!
Walking, biking, shopping, visiting a museum and enjoying good food.
Or why not take a parachute jump, cuddle a lamb or sample Texel’s wonderful brews at the Texel Brewery?
Den Burg is a vibrant village full of great shops, cosy terraces, good restaurants and amazing historic buildings!